Californias Tesla Car Owners Living In The Bay Area MUST READ This

Tesla Car with elon musk standing in front of crowd

Do you drive an electric car? Being a ‘good steward of the planet’ presents its own unique set of challenges. If you recently invested in an electric Tesla car, you understand how time consuming the recharge process can be. Despite Tesla Motors’ attempts to curb recharge time with their supercharger, the process takes a minimum of 30 minutes. Those half hours add up quickly and result in wasted time spent at your local Tesla Supercharger station.

However, Forbes recently reported excellent news for drivers near the Bay Area! In an effort to make the recharge process more productive, Tesla is introducing a test program at their Fremont factory stations. This program includes a full body wash using an eco-friendly product from Eco Green Auto Clean.

The cleaning process has become a touchy subject for Tesla car owners. These drivers worry that rough brushes and recycled water could ruin the clear coat finish on their vehicles. Moreover, Tesla themselves have struggled to keep their automobiles in pristine condition during the recent drought affecting the state.

Eco Green presents a unique solution for these dilemmas. This manufacturer uses a water-free cleaning solution comprised of coconut oil and other green ingredients. The entire process only requires a single cup of water! Check out the video below to see more.

If this test program proves successful, Tesla may bring this service to other supercharger stations throughout the state. Not only is the eco-friendly car wash environmentally sound and convenient, it would also bring Tesla’s stations that much closer to becoming the ubiquitous, ‘one-stop-shop’ that we’ve come to enjoy from more traditional gas stations.



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