Creating a Bountiful Garden From Only Using Your Kitchen Scraps?


Kitchen scraps are a pain.

Few things stimulate an innate sense of guilt like wasted food. Produce works its way to the back of the fridge. Sealed jars go unnoticed for biblical periods. Spreads spoil in the sun; soups curdle in Tupperware and lurking in the depths of everyone’s freezer, there is always that one, unnamable, scentless slab of frozen leftover.

There has to be a better way.

Kitchen Scraps to the Rescue

The solution to reducing waste does not stem from self-discipline. It’s not about a commitment to five times a week trips to the local produce seller. No, it’s about the kitchen scraps themselves.

Because nature is durable; there is life left in even that which we throw away. Case in point; you can grow fresh vegetables from raw leftovers.

The celery heart too gnarly for the soup, the not-quite fresh potato. Slivers of onion, the stems of thyme, and the roots of carrot. Such items can be re-planted and with just a little time, and no small amount of patience provides an ever-renewing bounty of food.

That such leftovers are a potential source of renewal is one of nature’s greatest gifts. Restoration is, after all, the key to sustainability.

So for those interested in doing their bit for the environment. For those interested in cobbling together a makeshift vegetable or herb garden with close to zero investment. To those of us who want to save money and make the most of the food we eat, we’ve highlighted some of the easiest ways to make the most of those pesky kitchen scraps.

We’ve even crunched some of the numbers for you so you can work out which items are going to save you money in the short term. In truth, however, once you get started, the whole thing is a very model of a cost-saving exercise.

How Long Could You Live Off Your Kitchen Scraps

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