GreenWorks Lawn Mower Review: A Cordless Option with Plenty of Power

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A Greenworks lawn mower review carries with it a certain amount of responsibility. As anyone with a decent-sized lawn will tell you, proper maintenance is essential. A perfectly manicured lawn brings peace of mind, a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, and pride.

But an end-to-end solution at a reasonable price is no easy task. GreenWorks has an established reputation, so in this GreenWorks lawn mower review, we'll focus on those features that make it unique.

Getting a functional lawn mower is your best option if you need an end-to-end solution for landscaping and yard maintenance at a reasonable price. The GreenWorks lawn mower is one of the mowers with multiple reviews online.

Below is an in-depth GreenWorks lawn mower review, and some features that make it unique.

The GreenWorks Lawn mower?

GreenWorks is an industry-leading manufacturer of outdoor power equipment and lithium-ion battery technology with over twelve years in the market. The company provided different branded products and commercial grade battery-powered equipment. They also have a line of corded reel mowers and corded equipment. 

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Ok, so who are they?

GreenWorks is an industry-leading manufacturer of outdoor power equipment and lithium-ion battery technology with over twelve years in the market. Hailing from South Carolina, the company specializes in commercial-grade battery-powered equipment. They also have a line of corded reel mowers and corded equipment.

Their cordless manual lawn mowers that vary from affordable options to high-end, pricier machines. In this Greenworks lawn mower review, we spent some researching a variety of models from several different price categories.

We found a mixed bag to be sure.

Many of them had some fantastic quality of life features that help to make lawn mowing simpler. Some were best suited for users with small to medium-sized gardens. Others were designed from the ground up for those with more extensive gardens of 250 meters squared or more.

Our GreenWorks lawn mower review found that their product line is also ideal for those who need a machine that is easy and quick to start. The indignities of yanking at a pull-starter until your hand aches are a thing of the past.

All you need is to press the push-start button.

Their mowers have foldable handles, but as we discovered throughout the Greenworks lawnmower review the motor and deck, housing is bulky. Storage then might be something of an issue.

Until AI-driven affordable yard-bots become a thing the lawnmower business is going to remain a competitive field. Easy-to-grasp, stand out features are the name of the game. And, as we discovered during this Greenworks lawn mower review, the South Carolina campus in downtown Mooresville has no shortage of ideas and USP's to choose among.

What Features Make the GreenWorks Lawn Mower Unique?

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Power and performance

Every one of their lawnmowers boasts of unmatched performance thanks to the dual blade design and dual motor function they sport. Indeed, as the Greenworks lawn mower review proceeded, we were provided with an opportunity to review a slew of customer feedback. Most confirmed that their claims of superior performance and reliability are legitimate.

The lithium-ion batteries merit mentions as well. Greenworks began making batteries on day one, and as a consequence, their high energy design is something of an industry standard.

The freedom going cordless provides is nice, but there is, of course, another angle to all this.

No fossil fuels.

After all, why else would the Conservation Institute conduct a Greenworks lawn mower review?

Smart cut technology

The GreenWorks lawn mower provides what the company describes as Smart Cut Technology. It enables you to adjust the power depending on the thickness of the grass. If, for example, you have coarse grass, the mower focuses on raw power.

But with a flick of a switch, you can also tackle delicate grass, allowing you to get a longer battery life and thus cut more green on a single charge.

Cutting deck size

GreenWorks lawn mowers come with wide cutting decks, generally around 19 to 21 inches. That's wide enough to mow any sized lawn with a few passes. The larger deck size means less power drain on the batteries while the dual blade provides excellent mulch and something of a closer 'shave'.

Collection bag

All of their mowers have a two-in-one collection bag that allows you to gather all the cut grass conveniently.


Although some of their models lack self-propelled capabilities, most have large wheels which makes them easier to maneuver. Also, the lightweight design allows you to move the mower from one end to the other without too much effort.

Height adjustability also comes in handy as do the fold-down handles that make your storage process simpler.

Twin batteries

 The mower we took the closest look at in this Greenworks lawn mower reviews sports two 40V batteries. They hold enough power to mow a lawn twice with a single charge. If the power is low on the first battery, the mower switches to the second automatically

GreenWorks lawn mower specifications

[amazon box=”B00GX9WNP2″]

[amazon box=”B00GX9WNP2″]

Weight: 43lbs

Motor: 12-amp motor

No Load Speed: 3300 RPM

Voltage: 40V

Number of Blades: 2

Rear Wheels: 10”

Front Wheels: 7”

Battery Warranty: 2 years

Total Warranty: 4 years

Smart Cut Technology: Yes

Mow Money

GreenWorks as a brand boasts of an extensive mower range that caters to people of different budgets and tastes. Quality mover for $120 to 150, are readily available but some models sell for $550 to $599 depending on the specifications.

Compare fare

Of course, other lawn mowers are available. As people become increasingly environmentally conscious, the gap in the market for eco-friendly mowers has only widened. Conducting a Greenworks lawn mower review without taking a look at the competition would, after all, be a little unsporting.

Earthwise 20-inch lawn mower

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The Earthwise lawn mower like the GreenWorks mower has two batteries to keep you going through the lawn mowing session. Also, it’s ideal for small and medium-sized space. LAs with the Greenworks product line, it also declines to include a pull string, opting instead for an ignition function and thus ensuring smooth operation in no time.

You can assemble the unit in less than 20 minutes. Moreover, the mower's level adjustment system allows it to tackle a variety of grass types and still achieve a precise and clean cut every time. Its steel frame 20-inch deck also clocks in at under 55 pounds which feels surprisingly manageable.

The ergonomic foldable handle is comfortable, and both lawnmowers have disposal options for clippings. However, with the Earthwise mower, you can choose from seven deck height settings using a single lever.

On the downside, the mower's larger wheels and makes for some iffy handling. This, coupled with a lack of self-propulsion, means that you might end up doing most of the work yourself.

Weight: 53 pounds

Ease of Use: 4.6/5

Battery Charge: 1 hour

EGO Power plus Cordless lawn mower

[amazon box=”B00NOGZCI2″]

EGO Power Plus is one of the best cordless lawn mowers currently on the market. With this 20-inch mower, you get a lithium rechargeable lawnmower that is essentially noiseless. It's also a breeze to operate.

The LED headlights are a nice touch too.

The mower folds up and stores away quickly and has a raft of safety features to boot. It won't start until the green locks are closed and the handle fully extended.

Said handles offer three handles height positions, something that makes the mower perfect for short and tall people.

As with the other models covered in this Greenworks lawn mower review, the EGO has a two-bushel grass bag. However, failing to empty it might result in a heavier than average strain on battery life due to the weight. Still, the bag’s design is ergonomic and well-built. Set up, couldn't be simpler.

Charge the battery, install the bag, push the green button, and then pull back on the handle to start the mower. That is all there is to it.

The EGO performs well in mulching and is excellent at bagging the grass. You may notice a decrease in the battery if you have an overgrown lawn, but that's true of most models.

One difference between the EGO Lithium-ion mower and the GreenWorks lawn mower, however, is in the price. The EGO mower retails from $475 to $550, which is a little north of budget-friendly.

Weight: 58 pounds

Ease of Use: 4.8/5

Battery Charge: 0.67 hours

Black & Decker Cordless lawn mower

[amazon box=”B00OV969C4″]

The Black & Decker Cordless lawn mower comes with twice as many height settings as the EGO which allows you to handle any grass. Like the GreenWorks, it's powered by Lithium-ion batteries that provide enough energy to tackle most lawns. Also, similar to the Greenworks is the fact that the two 40-volt batteries do not power the lawnmower at the same time. The secondary battery only kicks in if the first runs out.

The whole thing weighs in at 48.8 pounds, which is light enough to move the mower around the yard comfortably. What’s more, the integrated handles allow you to transport the rig from one place to another with relative ease.

It also comes with a 38cn cutting deck, which makes it perfect for medium-sized spaces. Moreover, the one-touch adjustment lever enables you to adjust the cutting height. Black and Decker, sensibly, have built-in safe-start, features to prevent accidental starting. Releasing the switch, causes the lawnmower to turn off automatically.

The main grip folds away to aid with for storage while its profile nose design helps get it in and out of tricky, hard-to-reach spaces. The wheel design is solid enough to can handle rough terrain, and the whole thing is surprisingly maneuverable considering its bulk.

Another notable feature in the Black & Decker lawnmower is the self-propel function. It offers several different speed settings, and the self-drive ball handle is a breeze to use. You’ll also love how easy it is to choose from mower’s modes, thanks to the three-in-one switch on the deck. You can select discharging, mulching, or bagging but can also flip the switch to whatever mode you desire if you need to change between these functions.

There's no fussing about adjusting wheel height either. Black & Decker allows you to set the blade height with a single-touch adjustment mechanism. Once you squeeze the handle, this releases the wheel-height locking system, something that enables the machine to rise to the best cutting height.

The charge indicator allows you to plan your movement while out in the lawn. While the GreenWorks lawn mower comes with a four-year warranty, the Black & Decker mower provides only two, although it does cover all defects in material and workmanship. You also get two options of either free repair or replacement.

Weight: 43.3 pounds

Ease of Use: 4.7/5

Battery Charge Time: Two hours

GreenWorks lawn mower Pros and Cons

The GreenWorks lawn mower stands out thanks to its noiseless operation, green credentials and superior battery life. You won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors when mowing the lawn; it is that quiet! It's also light; most users find it easy to push around.

Automatic battery switching is seamless, but you can run it on only one while the other is charging. It takes seconds to change between bagging, mulching and folds up in a snap.

It’s also a breeze to use. All you need is to push the start button, pull the bail switch, and it starts to run. Assemble time out of the box is also very easy and should take less than an hour.

Another added advantage is that the mower comes with a four-year warranty, while the charger and battery have a two-year warranty. And while the deck is extremely durable, the plastic clip adjustments need some improvement. Some users have reported poor performance on damp grass, which is something to bear in mind if you live in wet climes.


  • Three clipping discharge options
  • Large deck
  • Quiet operation
  • No charging necessary
  • Four-year warranty


  • Cumbersome cord
  • Reduced power on thick or wet grass
  • Not ideal for bigger lawns

Final Thoughts

Having gone through the GreenWorks lawn mower review with all its properties and features, the conclusion is clear. Greenworks' product line stands out as an excellent eco-friendly alternative to some of the gas-guzzling behemoths you typically find on the market.

It offers a robust and reliable lawn mowing performance and is ideal for both small and medium-sized spaces.

Most users love its noiseless operation that helps to reduce the carbon footprint and save you money as you won’t have to spend on oil or gas. Although the company has different competitors, it still performs well against them all in benchmark tests and truly offers some excellent features at a fantastic price.

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