baseline over time
Bald eagles removed from the endangered species list, record salmon run in the Columbia River, crab population rebound in the Gulf of Alaska; these are a few of the headlines that give people the impression that some species have recovered or the oceans and land are once again recovered. But in all these cases and many more the current population...
By Asc1733 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Human activities degrade ecosystems. This has been obvious for millennia in terrestrial and fresh-water systems, but it became obvious only recently in marine systems. Examples of degraded marine ecosystems are numerous, but the causes of these changes are uncertain because of inherent difficulties in studying marine systems. One theme of questions focuses on distinguishing degrees to which various physical...
large school of fish in front of coral bed
Bottom trawls are large nets which are used to catch groundfish and other commercially targeted fish and crustacean species. Bo