How to Live Big with Everything You Need in Incredible Tiny Homes

architecture barnyards as incredible tiny homes to live in

While the idea of living in a lavish mansion is exciting for most, there are people who look to have smaller houses and live in them and live happily.

This is now a widespread trend in which the main idea is to restrict yourself to a tiny space and then live big in that tiny space. The goal behind this is to use the least amount of resources in terms of land and area. And make your tiny home well-equipped with everything you need. 

In this process, the people focus on the space maximizing the functionality of the things and the comfort element. All these factors combined help in creating a fulfilling experience in your tiny little home.

This blog post is all about conserving the land resources and how you can live big in your tiny house. So if you are curious about it stay till the very end! 


People are getting attracted to the idea of living in tiny houses. The goal behind this is the least use of the resources overall and contribute towards the environment. And also enjoy their life more rather than just staying indoors.

Mind Set Change Towards Downsized Living

The first step that one needs to do to adapt to downsizing living in a tiny home is changing the mindset. We are brought up in this sense that we think if we are living in a bigger mansion or a bigger house only then we can be happy.


The approach of happiness being linked with big houses has brought about a lot of materialistic behaviours in us. Instead of a more peaceful and meaningful life, we are more concerned about a life in which we have possession of things. So this approach is the first thing that stops us from moving toward tiny homes.

So to change our mindset we would have to change this approach and prioritize peace and meaning over materialism.

Minimalist Living

For mindset change the other important thing is adopting minimalist living. In minimalist living, the focus is to live with the least amount of resources you minimalistic living the people focus on the essentials. Like clothes, food and shelter. The other things that are in life are reduced to the minimum. 

Simplicity Leading to Gratitude

Another approach that will help in changing the healthy lifestyle from big houses to tiny homes is gratitude. When you will think of this simple life you will realize how people live in these tiny houses. 

You will be living in this house by option but some are living by compulsion. So it will create a feeling of gratitude for you leading to happiness and joy overall.

Have an Eye On The Benefits 

The benefits of living in a tiny home might help people decide to move to a tiny home and live their life happily ever after. We have compiled a list of benefits 

Helps In Saving

One of the benefits of living in a tiny home is it helps in saving money. When you are living in a bigger house you will have to spend accordingly. You will have expenditures like energy bills, maintenance costs and all other expenditures. You will have to do renewals and all this will cost you a lot.

So if you want to save cost then opting for a tiny house can lower your expenses as it has a lower initial cost and lower maintenance costs in the longer run.

Less Clutter & Cleaning

Another benefit is less clutter and less cleaning while living in a tiny house. Tiny homes promote a minimalist lifestyle. The space here is lower so you have to maintain the space and declutter everything. Moreover, you need less cleaning as you have a smaller house so you will waste less water or other resources for this purpose.

Sustainable For The Environment 

The major benefit is the environmental sustainability of these houses. These houses are smaller so in their construction and maintenance you will consume fewer resources. So it will help in maintaining a healthy environment and help in resource conservation.

The tiny homes have smaller carbon footprints and they contribute to a more eco-friendly environment.

Simple and Quality Life

The one benefit of living in a smaller home is that we get simple and quality life. Most of the time when people live in bigger mentions they are more materialistic. And their quality of life as a whole goes down drastically.

While living in a tiny house they are more joyful more happy and they tend to focus only on the things that matter to them in reality. They are less concerned about the materialistic elements. Their focus is on the smaller things which give them joy and happiness. Lie about their hobbies, their relationship joyful experiences etc.


Sometimes the small homes are moveable. You can move them and carry them wherever you are going. This is a great thing if you are aware of the digital nomad culture and you want to enjoy your life and be flexible and easygoing wherever you want to go.

This digital nomad life is quite appealing for people who are stressed out in their lives and have become homesick due to their hectic routines. And they can’t go out and enjoy.


With the tiny house, you get the benefit that you can customize it the way you want to. In the bigger houses mostly they are premade and you buy the one you like. But in the case of this tiny house, you can customize every aspect according to how you want it to be.YOu can do things according to your specific preferences and thus enjoy your customized home.

Tiny Community Living

Apart from one person going to build this tiny house and spend the rest of his life in there. There can be villages and communities in these tiny houses. People can convince their friends and neighbours and make their small town where all live peacefully and happily ever after.

Tips to Live BIG

Here we have combined some tips you must use to make your tiny house life as big as compared with the one living in a mansion.

Design it to be Functional

While you are designing your tiny house you must have an eye on the functionality aspect. You must look for effective design solutions that cater to your needs in a tiny house. The major need that you will have would be space utilization. So you first need a spacious design. Then you need furniture and layout for the things and storage solutions which all help you in solving the space issue.

You can incorporate various storage solutions. You can try to make more and more cupboards where you can easily store your belongings. Overall make it such that it looks aesthetic as well as functional.

Enhancing Living Spaces 

Another tip in the process is to go for enhanced living spaces. You would probably have an area around your tiny house. And in there you must have outdoor spaces where you can do some outdoor activities.

You must make your outdoors functional and create a relaxing environment outside your house. This way you will have a playful area or an outdoor space for your friends or even just for your own chill time. If you do have any outdoor capacity then it would be difficult for you to also stay in your tiny house. So having an outdoor area and one which is well managed will help you a lot to enjoy your time. 

Another important thing that you must practice is to try to make your tiny house linked with nature. Try to maximise the sunlight exposure towards your house. Make ventilation a priority so that your house feels connected with nature.


Another tip that you must utilize in case you want to make your tiny home life great is personalization. Your tiny home will look and feel great to you when it is customized according to how you want it to be.

Try to incorporate your unique style in there which will reflect your personality and preferences.

You can try decorating the house accordingly. Make use of the colors that appeal to you. Go for a color scheme that looks pleasing to your eyes. And the main idea should be that your tiny home must feel like a personalized version of home for you. It will increase your life happiness and you will live big in a smaller space.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Finally, the last tip is sustainability and energy-efficient practices. Try to incorporate energy-efficient features in your tiny house. To truly benefit the environment and save your costs you should opt for energy efficiency solutions. You can try using solar panels as it is a renewable energy source.

By using eco-friendly devices and materials you put your part in making the world a better place. For your own life and for the rest of the lives to come. And help in conserving the environment in general.