Your Guide to the Honeywell Smart Thermostat – Pros and Cons

Honeywell Smart Thermostat

Honeywell is a household name when it comes to appliances. From security systems to air purifiers and humidifiers, chances are you own at least one of their products in your house. In fact, you might already have a Honeywell digital thermostat hanging on your wall.

Well, the realm of thermostats got a lot more interesting a few years back with the introduction of smart devices in the home. As you might imagine, the company quickly jumped at the chance to create yet another fantastic home appliance.

There are hundreds of these devices on the market, however. So, is the Honeywell smart thermostat worth your consideration? This article aims to get to the bottom of that question and more with nothing but the facts.

What is the Honeywell Smart Thermostat and How Does It Work?

This device is a smart thermostat, meaning that controls the temperature in your home automatically without you having to adjust it. The idea is to create a continuously comfortable environment in an environmentally friendly manner, all while saving you a little cash on your heating and cooling bills.

The device is programmed via the large touchscreen on its forward-facing side, eliminating the need to fiddle with any buttons. You could also choose to program this gadget with your mobile device by using the associated app.

After inputting your ideal temperatures, the thermostat uses smart response technology to learn what type of heating and cooling cycle you usually use. This allows it to adjust the temperature accordingly without you having to touch a thing. You can disable this function at any time, too.

You can choose to install the Honeywell yourself or purchase express installation. If you plan on making this a DIY project, the app features easy to follow instructions. It isn’t the most straightforward installment, but it should only take about thirty minutes to complete.

What Makes the Honeywell Unique?

Starting with looks, Honeywell allows you to change the color scheme on the device’s screen from a highly diverse palette. That’s a feature that most other smart thermostats don’t offer. Combined with the neutral casing, you’ll find that it can suit nearly any home décor or scheme.

The device also features a locking function which is password protected. If you have little ones or nosy friends that like to mess around with your thermostat, then this will quickly put a stop to that. There is also a 30-second lock feature that makes it easy to clean the screen without bumping anything.

The screen has multi-display that shows both indoor and outdoor temperatures. With the push of a button, you can also view your local weather for the day before heading off to work.

The most unique feature on the Honeywell is its humidity display. The device detects how much moisture is in the air and adjusts its functions accordingly to reach a more pleasant level. This is an excellent feature for anyone who experiences dry air in the winter months or those who live in more humid climates.

Another exciting feature is the ability to control the thermostat with a computer or tablet. Most smart devices like this one utilize an app that could be downloaded onto a phone or tablet, but not a computer. If you have a home office or spend time on a computer at home, then you have constant access to the temperature without ever getting out of your seat.

Is It Worth the Price?

You can find the Honeywell RTH9580WF Smart Wi-Fi model priced anywhere between $190 and $210. That’s a hefty price to pay for a thermostat, at least to us. So, is there a way to justify spending so much on a such a small home appliance?

If you absolutely love the latest tech, then you’ll probably want to get your hands on any smart device that hits the market. Those who aren’t quite so thrilled by these advancements should look to the Honeywell smart thermostat for its energy efficiency, which provides two benefits.

The primary goal of these thermostats is to help reduce the amount of energy that homes use. If you’re pushing to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle, then this device can help to significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

If a green mentality is neither here nor there on your priority list, then consider the amount of money you could save on heating and cooling bills throughout the year. Using a savings calculator, you can input data about your location and home to figure out an approximation of your yearly savings.

On average, homeowners saved between 10% to 12% on their heating bill and 15% on their cooling bill. Financially speaking, that’s an average of $131 to $141 each year. While your results might differ from these findings, it’s easy to see how a smart thermostat can help you save where it counts.

So, is this device worth the price? At a high of $210, the thermostat would pay for itself in less than two years’ time. That’s not a bad investment, especially considering the continued savings.

Public Perception

Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive for this model. Several users noted their savings each billing cycle, while others enjoyed the varied levels of programmability. Remote control via Wi-Fi was a big plus for anyone who purchased the device, since not having to get up to adjust the thermostat is quite the luxury.

There are, as always, negative reviews to take into consideration. Some customers reported having connectivity issues due to weak Wi-Fi signals. Others mentioned malfunction, stating that dealing with Honeywell’s customer service wasn’t the most pleasant experience.

On the bright side, many owners found that it was easy to install and functioned exactly as advertised. Some even mentioned the ability to control the unit from anywhere you have an internet signal, showing the long-range capability of this smart device.

How It Compares

The number one competitor any company has in this market is Nest. They’ve been leading the smart home revolution for years, and their thermostat is a tough one to beat. So, how does the Honeywell stack up?

The Honeywell smart thermostat has the advantage of a multi-display screen. It shows you the indoor and outdoor temperature and can quickly display the local weather with the push of a button or via voice command using Amazon Alexa.

The Nest can only display either the temperature or the time. You can turn the dial on Nest’s device to find the same information but having it ready to go is far more convenient. Users can also use Amazon Alexa to activate these features on this device.

Both units usually require a C wire to receive their source of power. While some have noted that the Nest might not need one, it is highly recommended to hook this wire to the base for proper Wi-Fi function.

Honeywell’s model does not provide progress reports like Nest’s does, detailing how much energy the device is saving you to show that it is working to your advantage. However, both companies are continually improving their apps to provide a better user experience.

Aesthetics wise, it all depends on your personal taste. Nest offers a more futuristic look while Honeywell sticks with something familiar yet sleek.

Nest also has the ability to pair with hundreds of other smart devices from various companies. Top that off with a more intuitive learning algorithm, and Honeywell becomes a very close runner-up regarding what these kinds of devices are capable of.

What We Think

You really can’t go wrong with the Honeywell smart thermostat. It does an excellent job of saving energy usage, efficiently lowering your utility bills, and remains incredibly user-friendly despite its high-tech design.

Neither installation nor programming are a difficult task, and its unique features help it to stand apart from the Nest and other thermostats like its kind on the market. If you’re a Honeywell fan who’s looking for a eco-friendlier unit, then this should be right up your alley. Tech lovers and those looking to save on heating and cooling costs will also find this to be a fantastic model.

Coupons and Deals

After hours of searching, there does not seem to be any coupons available for this device. However, you can still take advantage of various deals online.

The price for the Honeywell RTH9580WF Smart Wi-Fi model on the manufacturer’s website is $200, minus one penny, before tax and shipping. You can find the same model on Amazon, which is always an excellent place to find a deal, for thirty dollars less. Best Buy also sells this device for a lower price.

Depending on the seller, you can also find a brand-new unit on eBay for around the same price if not less as Amazon. Honeywell also creates a handful of other smart thermostat models with incredibly similar features. The Lyric T5 and Lyric Round are both capable of multiple functions found on this model but come with a slightly reduced price tag.