Green Tech

Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy

While everyone has probably heard the term “nuclear energy” and likely made jokes about it involving extra fingers, glowing skin, or Homer Simpson, knowing what it actually is and what it does is far less common. As far as human participation goes, nuclear energy has...

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Emerson Sensi Touch Review

Looking for a smarter way to control your home heating and cooling and hopefully even save some money? The latest option isn’t installing a new HVAC system or switching to green – though if your system is old and inefficient, those both help. No, if you’re system is...

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The Pros and Cons of Geothermal Energy

Fossil fuels have been the primary source of energy for human civilization since the start of the industrial revolution. While coal, oil and natural gas still supply most of the world’s energy, growing concerns about dwindling supplies and the carbon released when...

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