Best Belkin Smart Surge Protector – Which Is Right For You?


Which Smart Surge Protector is Right for You?

A voltage spike could damage your appliances and electronics if you don’t use a surge protector. Even though a traditional surge protector will block current and protect your electronics and appliances, there are more advanced products available, such as the smart surge protectors offered by Belkin,

What Are Belkin Smart Surge Protectors And How Do They Work?

Belkin offers an entire line of surge protectors. You can shop for entry-level products that deliver effective protection in case of a voltage spike, or look for products with more advanced features that help you reduce your energy consumption.

Here are a few products worth considering if you are in the market for a new Belkin smart surge protector.

Belkin 8-Outlet Conserve Surge Protector With Timer

This is one of the most advanced surge protectors sold by Belkin. This surge protector includes eight outlets. Six of these outlets have an auto shut-off feature while two outlets are always on, except when the surge protector blocks current during a voltage spike.

This is an interesting feature since you can reduce the amount of power used by electronics and appliances on standby while keeping two appliances on at all times.

This surge protector is connected to an 11-hour timer. The cord is long enough for you to keep the timer on your desk while having the surge protector installed under your desk.

You can set the timer to have six of the outlets automatically shut off at the end of your workday. There is a convenient LED indicator to let you know when the outlets are on or off.

6-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector

This is a basic surge protector without any smart features. This 6-outlet surge protector is interesting because of its compact design and affordable price.

If you are shopping for a Belkin surge protector on a budget and want a device that will protect your electronics and appliances but don’t need any advanced features, this is the right product for you.

USB Wall Mount Surge Protector With Cradle

This Belkin smart surge protector is ideal if you want to protect your electronics. There are two USB ports so you can charge your phones and three traditional outlets.

The cradle sets this surge protector apart since you can use it to store your phone, small tablet, or MP3 player and still use the device while it charges

Rockstar 10-Port USB Charging Station

Belkin’s Rockstar charging station features ten USB ports and has a built-in surge protector. This would be an interesting alternative to consider if you mostly want to protect your electronics.

This charging station is compact enough to sit on a desk and the intelligent charging technology makes sure that each device receives the correct amount of power.

8-Outlet Surge Protector With 6 Ft Power Cord With Telephone Protection

This is the best Belkin smart surge protector if you have a home office. There are eight outlets and 1-in and 2-out phone or fax lines.

There is a built-in phone line protection and splitter features so that your phone operates at all time, and an LED indicator to let you know your devices are protected.

What Makes Belkin Smart Surge Protectors Unique?

The first surge protector we talked about is unique because of its timer feature. Standby power can increase your electricity bill and this surge protector will make a difference if you use it for a home entertainment system or a home office.

A phone charger that is plugged in without being used uses 0.26 watts on average. Your laptop could use almost 30 watts if you leave it plugged in without using it, and more if the battery is charging.

An Inkjet printer uses 5 watts when it is turned off, and an LCD computer display on standby uses 1.13 watts. Standby power quickly adds up when you have multiple appliances and electronics plugged in.

Some of the surge protectors offered by Belkin are unique because they combine power outlets with USB ports or phone lines.

The warranty offered by the manufacturer is another thing to consider. All the surge protectors mentioned above come with a warranty that covers that items plugged into the surge protector. This Connected Equipment Warranty covers damages up to $25,000 and more for some products like the surge protector with the telephone protection feature.

Belkin has surge protectors suitable for home, work, a home office, and for your electronics. There are very few manufacturers that offer a similar selection of products.


You can find some very affordable surge protectors without any advanced feature. Belkin sells a 6-outlet surge protector with a 6-feet cord for only $13. This is probably the most basic surge protector offered by this manufacturer.

If you want a surge protector with six outlets and two USB ports, you will have to spend around $25. A wall-mounted surge protector with three outlets and two USB ports will cost around $30.

The Belkin 8-Outlet Conserve surge protector with timer mentioned above costs approximately $40. You will have to spend $50 for a home office surge protector featuring 12 outlets, a phone protection feature, and an 8-feet cord. The Rockstar charging station with the ten USB ports costs just under $100.

Prices vary a lot depending on the features you want. The surge protector with the timer is probably the best value since it will help you reduce your electricity bills by preventing appliances and electronics from using standby power overnight.

What Do Shoppers Say About Belkin Smart Surge Protectors?

Overall, shoppers are very satisfied with these surge protectors. These devices are reliable and represent a good value for the price.

Shoppers like that they can use these surge protectors out of the box. These products are easy to use and you simply need to plug them in to get started,

For the most affordable surge protectors, shoppers regret not finding LED indicators. This is an important feature that tells you whether or not your appliances are protected from surges.

The wall-mounted surge protectors that combine USB ports with power outlets have somewhat of a bulky design. Some shoppers said they weren’t able to use the adjacent power outlets after plugging in one of these surge protectors.

Even though the surge protector with the timer has mostly received excellent reviews, some shoppers found that setting up the timer was more difficult than they would have liked.

How Do These Surge Protectors Compare To Other Products?

We decided to compare the Belkin surge protectors mentioned above with products from another major electronics brand. Philips was the logical choice since this brand offers a similar selection of surge protectors.

The Philips Home Theater Surge Protector is similar to Belkin’s 8-outlet surge protection with built-in phone lines. Philips’ product features eight outlets and two phone lines. However, the Philips Home Theater Surge Protector is a better value at approximately $16.

Philips also sells a wall mount surge protector with three outlets and two USB ports. This product is missing the cradle you can use to display your phone while it charges, but it is a little more affordable than the similar surge protector sold by Belkin.

Philips makes a surge protector with a programmable timer. Only a few sellers offer this product, but it is possible to find it at a price that is a lot more affordable than Belkin’s similar surge protector. However, the timer is built-into the surge protector while the Belkin smart surge protector has a convenient remote control accessory.

We also compared Belkin’s product to surge protectors with smart features. Home automation systems are becoming more popular and it is possible to find connected surge protectors.

This is a feature that is missing from the selection of products offered by Belkin. The closest thing is the Wemo Insight Smart Plug, which is a connected power outlet you can remotely control with your phone but this device doesn’t offer surge protection.

We found this $36 connected surge protector. There are four outlets, four USB ports, a timer, and an app you can use to control the surge protector remotely.

It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which means you can use voice control to turn the surge protector on and off.

The main issue with this product is that it isn’t made by a major manufacturer and there doesn’t seem to be a warranty that covers the devices plugged into the surge protector.

Even though the price range is more affordable than what Belkin offers, the fact that there is no warranty covering the devices plugged into the surge protector is a drawback. This is still a product worth considering if you need a smart surge protector with automation features.

What We Think

Belkin is an excellent choice if you are in the market for a new surge protector. This manufacturer offers a large selection of products and you should easily find something that fits your needs and budget.

We liked that it is possible to get a surge protector with a built-in timer, or with additional features such as USB ports and phone lines. The warranty that covers connected devices is a real plus since it shows the brand stand behind its products.

Unfortunately, Belkin doesn’t offer a connected surge protector yet. However, a surge protector doesn’t need to be connected to efficiently protect your devices and appliances. Belkin offers products with other features worth considering, especially with its Conserve surge protector.